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Marisa Tomei's Quotes

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Born: 1964-12-04
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Marisa Tomei

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Politics itself is so unsexy, isn't it? But when the politics in creative works are really explored - not used as a vehicle - the results can be really interesting.

Tags: Creative, Politics, Used

A man like Wilde was not free to live out of the closet as a homosexual, and women in general were not able to be truly themselves; there was no place for a woman's voice to be heard or for her to express her sexuality.

Tags: Free, Woman, Women

Comedy is what I really want to do and propel.

Tags: Comedy, Propel

I don't prefer much of film over stage... The only thing I prefer is the paycheck.

Tags: Film, Paycheck, Stage

I find that protein wakes up my brain and gets me ready for the rest of my day.

Tags: Brain, Ready, Rest

I love being outside and getting fresh air.

Tags: Fresh, Getting, Love

I never got into coffee.

Tags: Coffee

I prefer to express myself physically, or non-verbally. I prefer just to react without having a lot of dialogue.

Tags: Dialogue, Express, React

I really don't like when things are all polished and perfect - the perfect love story and the hair is perfect.

Tags: Hair, Love, Perfect

I was exposed to the arts, but there was no one in my family who was an artist.

Tags: Artist, Arts, Family

I'm a person who has to eat! I graze every few hours.

Tags: Eat, Few, Hours

I'm not that big a fan of marriage as an institution and I don't know why women need to have children to be seen as complete human beings.

Tags: Children, Marriage, Women

I've just been lucky. I'd like to have more choices, and I'd like to have a leading part.

Tags: Choices, Leading, Lucky

I've just been really lucky to not be too much of a stereotype.

Tags: Lucky, Stereotype

Singing really oxygenates your blood. You stretch your lungs and take in much more air into them than before. It's really good for your health.

Tags: Blood, Good, Health

With acting, it was really more of a general kind of experience of really just loving being in the theater.

Tags: Acting, Experience, General

You can't really be old in L.A., it's kind of like a crime.

Tags: Crime, Old

You express different energies at different times in your life.

Tags: Express, Life, Times

You have your structure, but within it, it gets fuller and you can highlight other parts of the performance.

Tags: Parts, Structure, Within

All of us have read the stories about young people in Hollywood and all the challenges they have to confront there, and I think that artistically, I really didn't understand the commercial side of the film business, so I went back to a purely artistic setting.

Tags: Business, Understand, Young

I am really not of the school of naturalism. I like style, and you can use more style in theater than in film roles. I love to sink my teeth into a part.

Tags: Film, Love, School

I can't tell stories to save my life. I like to have fun, and I go out and have a lot of fun. But I'm not really an entertainer that way. I'm much more shy.

Tags: Fun, Life, Tell

I feel like theatre gives me the grounding, and keeps me alive, basically. Film gives me the thrill, and it's like a one night stand. But I do enjoy being around people who love it so much.

Tags: Enjoy, Love, Night
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I grew up on musicals, and I know they are quite the thing now, but I'm actually a little indignant, because I started taking singing lessons years ago - I put the time in!

Tags: Actually, Put, Time

I think the fantasy of being a movie star is more powerful than the reality. So, for me, even if it's not a great film or a great play I'm doing, to know that you went for it. You had an experience that made you grow artistically and personally. What's really satisfying is knowing that you did a good job.

Tags: Experience, Good, Great

Not to get overly psychological about this, but it's probably why I became an actress in the first place: for that kind of freedom and refuge, as well as for the fact that I just love acting so much.

Tags: Freedom, Love, Why