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Martina Quotes

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The decision to retire was quite an easy one for me because by that stage my knees were so badly gone. If I had been like Martina Navratilova and my body had let me I would have carried on playing a lot longer.

Tags: Body, Decision, Easy  ✍ Author: Jo Durie

When you look around right now, Nashville is kind of going through another changing of guard; you're watching the Martina McBrides and the Faith Hills and all of them that have been the big stars for the last however many years, and the next generation is coming in: Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, those girls.

Tags: Another, Big, Faith  ✍ Author: Callie Khouri

Martina and I went through a very bad five years. Everything's very good between us now, but it was a long haul.

Tags: Bad, Between, Good  ✍ Author: Billie Jean King

Martina's gone with people who don't want to be out, and it drives her crazy because she'd rather be open.

Tags: Crazy, Her, Rather  ✍ Author: Billie Jean King

Its super to play with Martina, and she has huge amounts of talent. We have a lot of fun.

Tags: Fun, She, Talent  ✍ Author: Mary Pierce

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