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Mary Quotes

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My first assistant-coaching job in football was at William & Mary in 1961.

Tags: Football, Job  ✍ Author: Lou Holtz

I'm a fatalist.

Tags: God  ✍ Author: Lech Walesa

Mary and I look eerily similar but other than that, the differences are pretty much night and day.

Tags: Night, Pretty  ✍ Author: Nikki Cox

I didn't have a teacher like Sister Mary Ignatius.

Tags: Sister, Teacher  ✍ Author: Christopher Durang

It's the oddest match: Mary J. Blige and Julianne Hough! But we became so close.

Tags: Close, Match  ✍ Author: Julianne Hough

You ask any person in the U.S. and they know who Mary Lou Retton is.

Tags: Ask  ✍ Author: Nastia Liukin

I see myself as Rhoda, not Mary Tyler Moore.

Tags: Moore, Tyler  ✍ Author: Iris Murdoch

If I had been the Virgin Mary, I would have said 'No.'

Tags: Said  ✍ Author: Margaret Chase Smith

I'd like to collaborate with Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige.

 ✍ Author: Robin Thicke

'Mary Tyler Moore' was - it was my first big hit.

Tags: Big, Hit  ✍ Author: Betty White

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