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Nastia Liukin's Quotes

Nastia Liukin profile photo

Born: 1989-10-30
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Nastia Liukin

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I'm just trying to really take it one day at a time, because for me - and I know this sounds cliche, whatever - I achieved my ultimate goal, and nothing can really top that, you know?

Tags: Goal, Time, Trying

Gymnastics, especially in my family, is more than a sport. It's our life, it's our careers, it's our family business.

Tags: Business, Family, Life

I don't want to repeat my mistakes.

Tags: Mistakes, Repeat

I also want to get out there in the world and do some acting and fashion and modeling.

Tags: Acting, Fashion, Modeling

I brought a lot of my own pieces of clothes to the design room when I first met with the design team just so they could see what my style was like.

Tags: Design, Style, Team

I knew that life isn't always just about the Olympic gold medals and the sponsors.

Tags: Gold, Knew, Life

I'm showing the younger generation your career doesn't have to be over when you're 16-years-old.

Tags: Career, Generation, Younger

I've missed being able to flip in the air, flip on the beam and swing on the bars.

Tags: Able, Air, Missed

Like at home, I don't wear heels. But everywhere else I go, I wear heels.

Tags: Else, Heels, Home

Supergirl is such an iconic brand, and for me to be able to be the new face of it is extremely exciting.

Tags: Able, Exciting, Face

You ask any person in the U.S. and they know who Mary Lou Retton is.

Tags: Ask, Mary

I take it a little bit hard on myself because I'm comparing myself a lot, and that's the kind of person I am because I'm so competitive, but it's also good, because I am competitive, so it kind of kicks you in the butt.

Tags: Bit, Good, Hard

The first time I walked into the Olympic athlete village seeing the Visa ATM machine with my picture on it and the Chinese characters saying 'Destiny.' For some reason, it just boosted my confidence and it was before I had even worked out or had my first training or competed.

Tags: Confidence, Saying, Time

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