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Max Baucus's Quotes

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Born: 1941-12-11
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Max Baucus

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The Social Security trust fund is in pretty good shape today and we should not embark upon risky, dangerous schemes which will, in fact, undermine Social Security, such as privatization.

Tags: Good, Today, Trust

There are significant human rights abuses in China. In some areas, the situation is worse today than in the past. In other areas, there have been improvements. We will recognize the latter, and be critical of the former.

Tags: Human, Past, Today

The administration's attempt to keep us from selling agricultural products to Cuba is an outrage. Cuba is not a threat. That is why we must do more to open Cuba - not less.

Tags: Keep, Less, Why

Every American has a right to affordable, high-quality health care.

Tags: American, Care, Health

Fundamentally, legislation that is historic, that is comprehensive, that has a large number of senators supporting it is more durable.

Tags: Large, Number, Supporting

Health reform is an essential part of restoring America's economy and maintaining our competitiveness.

Tags: America, Economy, Health

I love challenges.

Tags: Challenges, Love

I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

Tags: Guy, Luckiest

I'm inclined to vote for Roberts unless something else comes up. It's a close call.

Tags: Call, Else, Vote

If I were the president, I would be very concerned... and I would do what was reasonably necessary to find a way to get my people confirmed.

Tags: Concerned, Necessary, President

IRAs are intended for retirement.

Tags: Intended, Retirement

It is pretty hard to find the right result to a controversial issue.

Tags: Hard, Pretty, Result

Judge Roberts has assured me personally that he has a healthy respect for precedent and the hard-won rights of Americans.

Tags: Judge, Respect, Rights

My door is open.

Tags: Door, Open

Now is not the time to open the border to receive Canadian beef down to the United States.

Tags: Open, Time, United

Privatizing Social Security will take dollars out of young folks' pockets.

Tags: Security, Social, Young

Sequestration is leverage that should not be given up easily.

Tags: Easily, Leverage

Tax reform is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Tags: Reform, Tax

The recovery of the Gulf Coast region will take years to complete.

Tags: Coast, Complete, Recovery

U.S. agricultural products, including safe, high-quality Montana beef, face unscientific trade restrictions in many important markets.

Tags: Face, Safe, Trade

You're entitled to Medicaid regardless of your income. Don't worry about your health care.

Tags: Care, Health, Worry

Global overcapacity in steel production can no longer be ignored. Foreign governments' intervention in steel markets has had a devastating impact on the U.S. industry.

Tags: Foreign, Industry, Longer

I believe strongly that the opportunity is here for us in America to finally have a healthcare system that we can really be proud of. But it's got to be one where everybody is involved. Everybody: consumers, employers, providers, health-insurance companies, everybody.

Tags: America, Here, Proud

I know the problem of obesity. I got to tell you, I think that's tepid. I just don't think the bully pulpit is going to be enough to sufficiently fight obesity. We're going to have to have incentives in here.

Tags: Enough, Fight, Problem

I think I can speak for every Senator, saying that he or she ran for the Senate because we want to help make this a better place; that is, we want to help our States and help America.

Tags: America, Help, Saying

In this ever-changing world, it's more important than ever that our top-notch military continues to receive the resources needed to serve and protect our country.

Tags: Country, Military, Needed
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The Senate is a remarkable institution. It is unique. There is no other body, no other political body, no other democratic legislature in the world quite like the U.S. Senate.

Tags: Body, Political, Unique
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