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Menace Quotes

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Chatterers are a menace.

 ✍ Author: Jeffrey Archer

Skiers view snowboarders as a menace; snowboarders view skiers as Elmer Fudd.

Tags: View  ✍ Author: Dave Barry

Ignorance is a menace to peace.

Tags: Ignorance, Peace  ✍ Author: Neil Patrick Harris

My two biggest influences are Archie comics and Dennis the Menace.

Tags: Biggest, Influences  ✍ Author: Gilbert Hernandez

It is impossible to communicate to people who have not experienced it the undefinable menace of total rationalism.

Tags: Impossible, Total  ✍ Author: Slobodan Milosevic

It is beyond dispute that Saddam Hussein is a menace.

Tags: Beyond, Dispute  ✍ Author: Brent Scowcroft

The industry is a menace to artists.

Tags: Artists, Industry  ✍ Author: Nikki Sixx

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