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Michael Crapo's Quotes

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Born: 1951-05-20
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Michael Crapo

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Irregular contact with doctors means many men fail to receive any preventive care for potentially life-threatening conditions. In addition, when men do seek care, embarrassment can often prevent them from openly discussing health concerns with their physicians.

Tags: Care, Health, Men

We simply must look beyond partisan goals and find common ground as Americans. It is imperative that the Members of Congress recognize that partisanship will not serve the American people.

Tags: American, Common, Congress

Our priority must be to build a path towards balancing the budget, and we cannot tolerate growing deficits.

Tags: Cannot, Growing, Path

The problem remains that the market is grossly distorted by Canadian unfair trade practices.

Tags: Market, Problem, Unfair

It is not government's job to mandate responsibility on our behalf. We have the intelligence and good sense to make wise consumption choices for ourselves and our children. It is up to us to do what is best for our health and our children's health.

Tags: Best, Good, Health

President Bush has had an outstanding Secretary of State in Colin Powell and there are not many people who could replace him, making Condoleezza Rice an excellent choice.

Tags: Choice, Him, Making

While our nation faces many challenges that must be met regarding homeland security and our military readiness, it is imperative that we live within our means and wisely spend taxpayer dollars.

Tags: Means, Nation, While
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Michael Crapo's quote #3
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