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I want to make sure that no matter how long I go through this, I don't fall into the trap of changing and modifying how I do things that aren't a positive example. I want to remain somebody that the entire family can listen to or watch.

Tags: Family, Matter, Positive  ✍ Author: Clay Aiken

Many working mothers feel guilty about not being at home. And when they are there, they wish it could be perfect. This pressure to make every minute happy puts working parents in a bind when it comes to setting limits and modifying behavior.

Tags: Happy, Home, Parents  ✍ Author: Tinie Tempah

I am intrigued enough to want to continue, and also to try and work with companies like Sony on modifying the cameras and making them more user-friendly and efficient.

Tags: Enough, Try, Work  ✍ Author: Mike Figgis

We can use techniques in modifying things, in controlling things, but the first impulse has to be something that you simply cannot make just out of technique, or else it becomes perfectly evident that it is nothing but technique that you're exercising.

Tags: Cannot, Else, Simply  ✍ Author: Leo Ornstein

The function of intellect is to provide a means of modifying our reactions to the circumstances of life, so that we may secure pleasure, the symptom of welfare.

Tags: Life, May, Means  ✍ Author: Edward Thorndike

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Modifying quote #2
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