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Molly Ringwald's Quotes

Molly Ringwald profile photo

Born: 1968-02-18
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Molly Ringwald

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You never know when you read a script how it's going to turn out because so much depends on the collaboration between people. If I'd been in some of the movies I turned down, maybe they wouldn't have been a success.

Tags: Between, Movies, Success

I have a very independent spirit.

Tags: Spirit

In life, there is always that special person who shapes who you are, who helps to determine the person you become.

Tags: Become, Life, Special

And to be honest, most actors are incredibly solipsistic.

Tags: Honest, Incredibly

I don't really believe in regret. I think you can always learn from the past, but I wouldn't want a different life.

Tags: Life, Past, Regret

I felt all the things that other teenagers felt. I was insecure in lots of ways, over-confident in others. I was very emotional. Excitable.

Tags: Emotional, Insecure, Others

I just needed to leave Hollywood.

Tags: Hollywood, Leave, Needed

I never felt terribly comfortable in the public eye.

Tags: Eye, Felt, Public

I never really felt like I belonged in California.

Tags: Belonged, California, Felt

I think when people hear about a celebrity writing a book of any kind, the assumption is that it was dictated to a ghostwriter.

Tags: Book, Hear, Writing

I wish I had been more prepared, both for success and for failure, when I was younger.

Tags: Failure, Success, Wish

I'm so associated with being young and being with a teenager.

Tags: Associated, Teenager, Young

I've been called the Women's Auxiliary of the Brat Pack.

Tags: Brat, Pack, Women

John Hughes had such a huge impact on filmmaking.

Tags: Filmmaking, Huge, Impact

Originally I considered myself a singer.

Tags: Considered, Originally, Singer

People feel like they grew up with me.

Tags: Excited, Time, Wanted

When I was turning 40, I felt that there were no books out there that hit the spot in terms of what I wanted to read.

Tags: Books, Read, Wanted

When you say you're 40, you can't call yourself an ingenue any more.

Tags: Call, Ingenue, Yourself

You can't be 16 forever.

Tags: Forever

I didn't have parents who were, you know, racing to get a reality television show, you know? Or looking to benefit in some way from their daughter's fame.

Tags: Parents, Reality, Show

I do regret, as I described in my book, the time that I shaved off half of my eyebrows thinking that I could draw them in better - and they would grow back anyway.

Tags: Book, Thinking, Time

I just did in my early twenties what most did when they were teenagers, being free and exploring and making mistakes, but I did it in France. I did it privately.

Tags: Free, Making, Mistakes

I like to say, jazz music is kind of like my musical equivalent of comfort food. You know, it's always where I go back to when I just want to feel sort of grounded.

Tags: Comfort, Food, Music

I used to sing with my father's jazz band and then when I was ten years old a musician friend of his suggested that I try out for the first west coast production of Annie.

Tags: Father, Friend, Try

Whatever it is that gives you that confidence will vary from person to person, but I do believe that it is the key to succeeding at anything in life - career, relationships, anything.

Tags: Career, Confidence, Life

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