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Motors Quotes

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The president of General Motors was in a foul humor.

Tags: General, Humor, President  ✍ Author: Arthur Hailey

My father was a motorsports journalist and a motorbike fan. He gave me my motocross bike.

Tags: Bike, Father, Gave  ✍ Author: Jacky Ickx

I hate to let people down. I was like that in sports and I was like that in comedy. I was like that at work. When I worked General Motors and stuff like that, when I say something, I mean it.

Tags: Hate, Sports, Work  ✍ Author: Bernie Mac

With my luck, if I ever invested in General Motors, they'd bust it to Corporal!

Tags: Bust, General, Luck  ✍ Author: Robert Orben

Like my father, I would never as a child throw anything away, keeping old toys, electric motors and bits of broken machines under my bed in what I called my Box of Useful Things.

Tags: Broken, Father, Old  ✍ Author: Nick Park

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