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Muddy Waters Quotes

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It was Muddy Waters who took the Delta blues north to Chicago, electrified the sound, and changed the course of popular music as we know it. That's pretty much the judgment of history, and it is mine as well.

Tags: History, Music, Pretty  ✍ Author: James Cagney

James Cotton is a real blues guy, and he played with Muddy Waters, and it surprised me that they would want me to make a record with them, that he called me to do this record. I'd never done anything like that before. But I love blues, so I was very happy.

Tags: Happy, Love, Real  ✍ Author: Charlie Haden

This whole thing about winning and losing is muddy waters. But I can remember, as a young actor, just walking around this city and not being able to get arrested.

Tags: Remember, Winning, Young  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Tambor

So I went out and bought Hard Again by Muddy Waters. That was a big learning curve. I listened to that album again and again and again. James Cotton was the harmonica player on that album.

Tags: Big, Hard, Learning  ✍ Author: Sonny Terry

You had to go to a different part of town from where I was to get Muddy Waters singles. I had him on singles.

Tags: Him, Singles, Town  ✍ Author: Warren Zevon

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Muddy Waters quote #2
Muddy Waters quote #2
Muddy Waters quote #2
Muddy Waters quote #2
Muddy Waters quote #2

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