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Neil Diamond Quotes

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Now one thing I think is really lame, is if you're an artist and you go to a karaoke bar and sing your own song. I like to get up there and sing stuff that I would never sing on stage anywhere else. Like Neil Diamond.

Tags: Artist, Else, Song  ✍ Author: Jason Aldean

Look at Neil Diamond. Was he the cool guy? No, he was the housewives' guy. He didn't try to be what he wasn't. He just did what he did - made great music, was a good entertainer, nice-enough guy.

Tags: Good, Great, Music  ✍ Author: Michael Buble

Mozart and Neil Diamond may have begun with the same idea, but that a work of art is more than an idea is confirmed by the difference between the 'Soave sia il vento' and 'Kentucky Woman.' We have different words for 'art' and 'idea' because they are two different things.

Tags: Art, Woman, Work  ✍ Author: Mark Helprin

I'm not a professional entertainer. I'm not Neil Diamond.

Tags: Diamond, Neil  ✍ Author: Cat Power

And um, when I came back to England I put a very complex soundtrack on it, featuring everyone from Jimi Hendrix, right through to Neil Diamond, you know, everybody that was kind of popular who was kind of popular at that time.

Tags: Everyone, Put, Time  ✍ Author: Gerald Scarfe

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Neil Diamond quote #2
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