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North Carolina Quotes

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My favorite memories growing up in North Carolina were hunting and fishing with my father and brothers. There, I developed a deep appreciation for protecting land and waterways. There, I learned outdoorsmanship.

Tags: Deep, Father, Learned  ✍ Author: Louis Bacon

I went to college at North Carolina School of the Arts and took a lot of singing classes, and it really is so connected to emotions.

Tags: College, Emotions, School  ✍ Author: Anna Camp

As Governor of North Carolina for two terms, I made improving education a top priority.

Tags: Education, Priority, Top  ✍ Author: Michael F. Easley

As you may know, previously as Attorney General and now as Governor, I have supported legislation to close the gun show loophole in North Carolina.

Tags: Gun, May, Show  ✍ Author: Michael F. Easley

Early college high schools in North Carolina and across the country show us that challenge - not remediation - is an approach to education that works.

Tags: Challenge, Country, Education  ✍ Author: Michael F. Easley

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