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Occupy Wall Street Quotes

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I think this Occupy Wall Street thing is great. I think that is a good thing and that people need to stand up, voice their opinions, and be heard.

Tags: Good, Great, Stand  ✍ Author: Simon Baker

When you hear the party that glorified Occupy Wall Street blast success; when you hear them minimize the genius of the men and women who make jobs out of nothing, is that what you teach your children about work?

Tags: Success, Women, Work  ✍ Author: Artur Davis

Occupy Wall Street is a real movement.

Tags: Movement, Real, Street  ✍ Author: Russ Feingold

The new social question is: democracy or the rule of the financial markets. We are currently witnessing the end of an era. The neoliberal ideology has failed worldwide. The U.S. movement Occupy Wall Street is a good example of this.

Tags: Democracy, End, Good  ✍ Author: Sigmar Gabriel

The jobs crisis has reached a boiling point, which is why we see Occupy Wall Street protestors crying out for an America that lets all of us reach for the American Dream again - a dream that says if you work hard and play by the rules, you can have a good life and retire with dignity.

Tags: Good, Life, Work  ✍ Author: John Garamendi

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Occupy Wall Street quote #2
Occupy Wall Street quote #2
Occupy Wall Street quote #2
Occupy Wall Street quote #2
Occupy Wall Street quote #2

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