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Odd Quotes

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It is odd but agitation or contest of any kind gives a rebound to my spirits and sets me up for a time.

Tags: Spirits, Time  ✍ Author: Lord Byron

It's an odd thing when there is a fan page for my daughter who is not yet 13.

Tags: Daughter, Fan  ✍ Author: Johnny Depp

I am a bit odd. I am somewhat evangelical. But I am not crazy.

Tags: Bit, Crazy  ✍ Author: Gordon Gee

I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect - they are much more interesting.

Tags: Beauty, Imperfect  ✍ Author: Marc Jacobs

It must be odd, being recognizable. I would hate to lose that anonymity.

Tags: Hate, Lose  ✍ Author: Matthew Macfadyen

It's an odd mix, the life of a playwright.

Tags: Life, Mix  ✍ Author: Henry Wade

Isn't that an odd philosophy for a vampire?

Tags: Philosophy, Vampire  ✍ Author: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

I am the odd man out in the family.

Tags: Family  ✍ Author: Loni Anderson

I'd rather be on a label that understands us and allows us to be a bit odd.

Tags: Bit, Rather  ✍ Author: John Wilkes Booth

There is the odd exception, like Albert Einstein, but as a breed, scientists tend not be very good at presenting themselves.

Tags: Good, Themselves  ✍ Author: Bill Bryson

In my teens or twenties I wanted to do Blanche. Now I'm over that. Those roles are not attracting me now. Which is odd, because that's what most every actress would want to go do.

Tags: Actress, Wanted  ✍ Author: Delta Burke

It's Charley's Aunt and The Odd Couple rolled into one.

Tags: Aunt, Couple  ✍ Author: Tom Carper

It was a very odd household, because the grandmothers were so different. Both of them had their own pianos. So it would be duelling pianos by grandmothers.

Tags: Both, Household  ✍ Author: Diane Cilento

It's an odd thing to go to New York to shoot a movie that is set in Indiana.

Tags: Movie, York  ✍ Author: Bill Condon

I'm Scottish first, and it's odd to hear that I'm a Scottish-American.

Tags: Hear, Scottish  ✍ Author: Alan Cumming

I had this odd sibling rivalry with America.

Tags: America, Rivalry  ✍ Author: Patti Davis

I've had such an odd career.

Tags: Career  ✍ Author: Sally Field

It is a pretty odd profession - tickling people - but it can be lucrative.

Tags: Pretty, Profession  ✍ Author: George Miller

It is astonishing what a lot of odd minutes one can catch during the day, if one really sets about it.

Tags: Catch, Minutes  ✍ Author: Dinah Maria Mulock

I love playing odd roles.

Tags: Love, Playing  ✍ Author: Aaron Paul

I find it odd that people take me seriously.

Tags: Seriously  ✍ Author: Jeremy Paxman

I feel comfortable in the presence of oddity. Probably because I'm a little bit odd.

Tags: Bit, Presence  ✍ Author: Martha Plimpton

Many filmmakers pretend that they never see anything, which has always seemed odd to me.

Tags: Filmmakers, Pretend  ✍ Author: Jacques Rivette

When I look back over my novels what I find is that when I think I'm finished with a theme, I'm generally not. And usually themes will recur from novel to novel in odd, new guises.

Tags: Finished, Novel  ✍ Author: Richard Russo

I know I'm funny, because I'm eccentric, I'm odd. I'm not what you expect.

Tags: Expect, Funny  ✍ Author: Marian Seldes

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First of all, I think it's odd that people who cover politics wouldn't have any political views.

Tags: Political, Politics  ✍ Author: Nate Silver

But I was also doing odd jobs around Portland, like spreading gravel and transplanting bamboo trees.

Tags: Jobs, Trees  ✍ Author: Elliott Smith

It's an odd world.

 ✍ Author: Timothy Spall

I think we're all pretty odd.

Tags: Pretty  ✍ Author: Michael Tippett

I look really odd in jeans and a hoodie - it doesn't feel or seem right.

Tags: Jeans, Seem  ✍ Author: Florence Welch

It's fun for me to play people that are just kind of odd.

Tags: Fun  ✍ Author: Kristen Wiig

The Stones always tried to do the odd smaller gig when they could.

Tags: Stones, Tried  ✍ Author: Bill Wyman

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