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Paul Verlaine's Quotes

Paul Verlaine profile photo

Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Poet
Nation: French
Biography of Paul Verlaine

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The poet is a madman lost in adventure.

Tags: Adventure, Lost, Poet

I am the Empire at the end of the decadence.

Tags: Decadence, Empire, End

Tears fall in my heart like the rain on the town.

Tags: Fall, Heart, Rain

I really don't have that much interest in stardom.

Tags: Interest, Stardom

I just don't like people coming up to me and saying something. It immediately makes you become insincere. There is no way you can react to it sincerely.

Tags: Become, Makes, Saying

I like thinking of myself as invisible. I find it a very advantageous way to live. Unfortunately, its not the way the music business works. If you don't create some kind of public image, it gets created for you.

Tags: Business, Music, Thinking

All the Frank O'Hara types seem to have very little sound stuff going... it's so chatty or something.

Tags: Seem, Sound, Stuff

Emily Dickinson has great sound and sense.

Tags: Great, Sense, Sound

I don't see us as a big media gimmick band. We don't have a cultivated appearance or anything like Kiss.

Tags: Band, Big, Kiss

I grew up taking piano lessons and liking Wagner when I was in second grade.

Tags: Piano, Second, Taking

I never liked mellow sounding guitar.

Tags: Guitar, Liked, Mellow

I wonder what all those Chinese poets sound like in Chinese. I like their distilled quality.

Tags: Quality, Sound, Wonder

The first time I met Patti Smith was in a laundromat. We knew some of the same people, including Richard Hell.

Tags: Hell, Knew, Time

The song Venus de Milo, the whole subject of it is Love is a drug.

Tags: Love, Song, Whole

What's really fun is to write under different names.

Tags: Fun, Names, Write

When somebody turned me on to a Coltrane record around seventh grade, I took up saxophone.

Tags: Grade, Somebody, Took

You have to have that organizational principle behind the song.

Tags: Behind, Principle, Song

I always hated jazz guitar. I loved jazz saxophone but I hated jazz guitar. If I would buy an organ trio record I would make sure I'd buy one that did not have a guitar player on it. The sound was awful!

Tags: Guitar, Loved, Sure

I think almost every woman artist I've ever met has this ideal of being in a partnership working situation with a man, that men don't seem to share. They seem to want this ideal thing, that we'll always be together and work together.

Tags: Men, Woman, Work

It's like first grade where you make all your mistakes and people see it and yet some people see that there's something there that's really valuable. That's the way it went for more than 2 years almost 3 years of playing.

Tags: Almost, Mistakes, Playing

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