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Phil Anselmo's Quotes

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Born: 1968-06-30
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Phil Anselmo

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I wasn't that wild about that. I told them basically if they were really going to want to bring back heavy metal to a program on MTV, then they are really going to have to get in touch with what real heavy metal is.

Tags: Bring, Real, Touch

To me, I'm for a band whose forefront is the music.

Tags: Band, Music, Whose

I tried to take heavy metal... and balled it up and chopped it in half and really tried to create a new form of energy. I really tried to re-shape extreme music as I see it through my eyes.

Tags: Energy, Eyes, Music

And it seems to be today, image is a real important thing once again.

Tags: Again, Real, Today

There it is again. Image. Once again. I get really tired of it quick.

Tags: Again, Once, Tired

There's always something going on, but thank goodness these days it's with a clear head, which helps me massively.

Tags: Days, Goodness, Head

We definitely have a hardcore following.

Tags: Definitely, Following, Hardcore

With this LP we were all very clear on the approach we wanted to take, which was to do something heavy, but also experiment with a lot of other things we really like.

Tags: Approach, Clear, Wanted

I am the type that cannot stay put in living in the past and solely in the past. It's not healthy and it doesn't feel right.

Tags: Cannot, Living, Past

I can easily say I've done everything I've wanted in music.

Tags: Done, Music, Wanted

I'm a bad pessimist. I don't think about how successful any record I've ever done is going to do before it came out.

Tags: Bad, Done, Successful

I'm glowing in the dark with my studio tan. I've been in a cave of music for months and months and months.

Tags: Dark, Months, Music

There has got to be a lot of unreleased video out there, live footage and whatnot. There's always going to be something extra for the Pantera fan.

Tags: Extra, Fan, Video

This is the band I always wanted to be in.

Tags: Band, Wanted

I guess I've never been introduced properly to Pink Floyd. I know they're great, don't get me wrong. Excellent, excellent musicians; great band; awesome harmony; great song writers; I just don't know anything besides, I guess, the popular songs on the radio.

Tags: Awesome, Great, Wrong

I think music is a big, big wide world, and I am voyager on this particular ship in this sea of wild music, and I'm gonna dive in and find as many fish as I can and catch them all. I love music.

Tags: Big, Love, Music

It seems like if you are not painted up special way or have some tailor made outfit to put on to go out on stage... I don't know... there's too much of it out there.

Tags: Put, Seems, Special
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To do an extreme metal record is something that is well within my capacity as a musician to write stuff out of the box, write stuff that's probably more extreme than the band I'm in at the present time, and it's something that needs to come out of me one way or another.

Tags: Another, Time, Write

You can only exist as far as your mind will allow you to exist, and I think chronic pain will stop time dead in its tracks. You feel like you're the only one, and how unfair it is, and a million different feel-sorry-for-yourself type feelings.

Tags: Mind, Pain, Time

You're always going to have detractors, and you're always going to have people who love you, and that's how it's perfectly balanced and the world spins on.

Tags: Balanced, Love, Perfectly

We are the movies and the movies are us.

Tags: Movies

We define ourselves, in part, by the discriminations we make. The value of what we love is enriched by our understanding of what we dislike.

Tags: Love, Ourselves, Value

I have never been on the receiving end of a hate crime, or even a disparaging remark to my face.

Tags: End, Face, Hate

I never write in a linear way. And I tell students not to. You can only know so much about a book when you first start.

Tags: Book, Start, Tell

I think we are all coming to realize the web in all its manifestations is a sucking time hole.

Tags: Coming, Realize, Time

I'm never sure who I'm writing for, or who's reading me, but I definitely see myself in conspiracy with my readers.

Tags: Reading, Sure, Writing

When I started, there was more of a cultural assumption that many readers would find gay characters irrelevant or repugnant.

Tags: Characters, Gay, Started

I don't know where everything is going, but I'm pretty confident that people like books - the objects. So I'm going to go on that -they're not going to disappear.

Tags: Books, Confident, Pretty
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