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Restructuring Quotes

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A beautiful deleveraging balances the three options. In other words, there is a certain amount of austerity, there is a certain amount of debt restructuring, and there is a certain amount of printing of money. When done in the right mix, it isn't dramatic.

Tags: Beautiful, Done, Money  ✍ Author: Salvador Dali

My father was criticized as a dictator, but that should not overshadow his accomplishments in restructuring the country. He brought Korea out of 5,000 years of poverty. What he left unaccomplished was democratization of the system.

Tags: Country, Father, Poverty  ✍ Author: Park Geun-hye

In the past 20 years and more since China embarked on the road of reform and opening up, we have moved steadfastly to promote political restructuring and vigorously build democratic politics under socialism.

Tags: Past, Political, Politics  ✍ Author: Fred Hoyle

The political restructuring we pursue in China is aimed at advancing the self-improvement and development of the socialist political system. We will continue to expand people's democracy and build a socialist country under the rule of law in keeping with China's national conditions.

Tags: Democracy, Law, Political  ✍ Author: Hu Jintao

The whole of government needs to contribute to the shared goal of restructuring the British economy. But that means taking on the myth that the Treasury either knows best or can run it all. It just doesn't.

Tags: Best, Goal, Government  ✍ Author: David Miliband

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