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Robin Roberts's Quotes

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Born: 1926-09-30
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Robin Roberts

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There is no magical reason why I am where I am. And there is absolutely no reason why you can't be where you want to be. If it can happen for me, it can happen for you, too. And it would be a privilege for me to help you get there.

Tags: Happen, Help, Why

It's about focusing on the fight and not the fright.

Tags: Fight, Focusing, Fright

The combination of landing the biggest interview of my career and having a drill in my back reminds me that God only gives us what we can handle and that it helps to have a good sense of humor when we run smack into the absurdity of life.

Tags: Good, Humor, Life

Everything's the same; I'm living with cancer and it's not going to stop me. But until you really test yourself and challenge yourself, I don't think you quite know.

Tags: Challenge, Living, Yourself

My mama told me in college, 'I love you, and you're God's child, but natural beauty will only take you so far.'

Tags: Beauty, God, Love

Oh well, the truth hurts, doesn't it?

Tags: Hurts, Oh, Truth

It was part of the reason I almost didn't go public with my diagnosis - I was embarrassed. I felt, 'Oh, I've always talked about exercising. And I got cancer.' And then I realized it's a great example of showing that cancer can hit anyone at any time.

Tags: Great, Reason, Time

I cannot believe how fine I am with being bald.

Tags: Bald, Cannot, Fine

I've still got it. I refuse to lose.

Tags: Lose, Refuse

I've taken my cue from people here and from viewers, especially survivors-who said, 'When it's time to literally flip your wig, you'll know.'

Tags: Here, Said, Time

My feeling is that when you're managing a baseball team, you have to pick the right people to play and then pray a lot.

Tags: Baseball, Feeling, Team

Now I don't put things in the boxes anymore. I'm just focusing on right now.

Tags: Anymore, Focusing, Put

Before, I would play a little hoops, a little tennis. Now it's more yoga, Pilates, stretching, some light weight work, push-ups, sit-ups, resistance things. When I used to live on the eleventh floor, I would take the steps. I don't do that so much now. I'm taking the elevator a bit more these days.

Tags: Light, Used, Work

Every now and again I just really have to have that steak or lamb chop. But yeah, B.C. - before cancer - I would eat red meat probably three or four times a week, easily. I am convinced that the amount of red meat I contributed to it.

Tags: Again, Three, Times

Generally in the Little League you're up against a good pitcher who throws like hell. What does the coach say? Get a walk. Isn't that beautiful way to learn to hit? For four years you stand up there looking for a walk.

Tags: Beautiful, Good, Hell

I never slept when I lost. I'd see the sun come up without ever having closed my eyes. I'd see those base hits over and over and they would drive me crazy.

Tags: Crazy, Eyes, Lost

It is something that is called MDS. It is a rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow. I'm going to beat this. My doctors say it and my faith says it.

Tags: Blood, Faith, Says

My treatment ended in March/April of '08. It wasn't until the end of that summer that I started to feel I wasn't depressed. Even when I went on vacation to Saint Lucia, I was kind of depressed, even though it was such a beautiful place.

Tags: Beautiful, End, Place

There is no doubt that someone who tries to throw a curve or pitch at any early age before he's developed, before his hand is big enough to grip the ball correctly, will damage his arm.

Tags: Age, Doubt, Someone
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