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Rod Parsley's Quotes

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Born: 1957-01-13
Profession: Celebrity
Nation: American
Biography of Rod Parsley

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The secular world looks to the church and to its chagrin, finds no love, no life, no laughter, no hope and no happiness.

Tags: Happiness, Life, Love

We must accept all of God's will for us, not just those portions that happen to appeal and bring instant gratification and pleasure to us.

Tags: Accept, God, Happen

It was the courts, of course, that took away prayer from our schools, that took away Bible reading from our schools. It's the courts that gave us same-sex marriage. So it is quite a battlefield, and the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land.

Tags: Away, Marriage, Prayer

The left has chosen the courts as a major battlefield over social issues.

Tags: Issues, Left, Social

We have to take the biblical truth and start applying it in the statehouse, the schoolhouse, and the marketplace.

Tags: Applying, Start, Truth

He has selected from a group of overwhelming candidates. This candidate was nominated to the Supreme Court because of his extremely overwhelming qualifications.

Tags: Court, Group, Supreme

No secular state ever existed and none would exist until the end of the French Revolution, and so we understand that America was built on the Judeo-Christian ethic and we believe that this nominee is going to see to it that those truths are upheld.

Tags: End, Revolution, Understand

Realizing that they can't get their agenda across: against religious liberty, against a culture of life, they can't get those issues across through the legislature, as people respond and their elected officials represent them, so they attempt to do it through the courts.

Tags: Against, Liberty, Life

This is a man who graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University in three years, editor of the Harvard Law Review, argued 39 cases before the Supreme Court.

Tags: Law, Three, University

We know that this man has a proven record of being a 'strict constructionist.' Our President has given us his word that he will interpret the Constitution rather than make new laws from the bench.

Tags: President, Rather, Word

You know, there are only about 10 people in the United States that have ever argued 25 cases before the Supreme Court, this man has won 25 cases before the Supreme Court. He's an overwhelming choice.

Tags: Choice, United, Won
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