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Romano Prodi's Quotes

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Born: 1939-08-09
Profession: Statesman
Nation: Italian
Biography of Romano Prodi

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Berlusconi is no longer fit to lead our country.

Tags: Country, Lead, Longer

But Italy can only have any real influence on world affairs if it carries weight in Europe.

Tags: Europe, Influence, Real

Democracies must have equilibrium... and the entanglement of politics and information must be minimized.

Tags: Politics

He uses statistics like a drunk uses lamp-posts, more for support than illumination.

Tags: Drunk, Statistics, Support

I am not overconfident.

Tags: Law, Pass, Politics

It is becoming more widely acknowledged that it is better to have a good constitution than not having a perfect one.

Tags: Becoming, Good, Perfect

Italy is divided between us and them, rich and poor, north and south, young and old, employed and unemployed.

Tags: Old, Rich, Young

Moreover, resolving the mother of all problems - the Israeli-Palestinian question - requires cooperation between Europe and the U.S.

Tags: Between, Mother, Problems

No one wants to lose their job, or cede the power they've acquired.

Tags: Job, Lose, Power

The Italian economy is certainly the weakest of the big European countries.

Tags: Big, Countries, Economy

Think what a revolution it will be if we manage to get everyone to pay their taxes.

Tags: Everyone, Pay, Revolution

Foreign policy can mean several things, not only foreign policy in the narrow sense. It can cover foreign policy, relations with the developing world, and enlargement as well.

Tags: Mean, Policy, Sense

I am not a newcomer, you know, so I want to be judged for what I did when I was prime minister last time in Italy and president of the European Commission for more than five years.

Tags: Last, President, Time

The problem of Italy is not really a question of age. Japan has an older population, and it is now in full economic recovery. The problem is that Italy is old in the structure of the society.

Tags: Age, Problem, Society
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