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Saku Koivu's Quotes

Saku Koivu profile photo

Born: 1974-11-23
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Finnish
Biography of Saku Koivu

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I felt like an outsider. The only time you get to really know guys is on the ice, and I couldn't be there.

Tags: Felt, Guys, Time

I haven't been back in Montreal, at all, since the playoffs ended two years ago. It's been a while.

Tags: Playoffs, Since, While

I was lucky that it hit my shaft, and then my helmet, and I was lucky enough to get that breakaway.

Tags: Enough, Hit, Lucky

I'm confident and really optimistic.

Tags: Confident, Optimistic

It's been tough for me being away from the game.

Tags: Away, Game, Tough

My relationship and the bond with the people in Montreal was kind of special and doesn't happen very often.

Tags: Happen, Often, Special

The most important thing is to stay positive.

Tags: Positive, Stay

We can't afford to go lose two, three in a row. We've got to keep climbing and getting wins.

Tags: Getting, Keep, Lose

We've got to win them all and get help from other teams, but we are going to push until the end.

Tags: End, Help, Win

When you have a core group of young players as we do, the future looks bright.

Tags: Future, Group, Young

You always need younger guys if you're going to be successful in the long term.

Tags: Guys, Successful, Younger

I always knew where I was going eventually, so it helped me to stay at home for three years. It helped me to develop my game. But it also helped me off the ice. Life here is way different, and I was able to get older.

Tags: Game, Home, Life

It goes way, way back when we were under Sweden's rule. We always think they are better than us. We played against them so often for so many years. Every country has one opponent they want to beat and for us, it's Sweden.

Tags: Against, Country, Often

Obviously, that off-the-ice battle I went through, plus injuries I came back from, I always felt the fans are really knowledgeable there and respected and appreciated guys that gave whatever they had and guys that fought through things.

Tags: Battle, Felt, Whatever

The excitement of the fans in Montreal, especially in the playoffs, I don't think you can get that anywhere else. For a hockey player, I kind of wish everyone could go through that and experience what it is to play there. It's very unique.

Tags: Else, Experience, Wish

We found out tonight how important and how crucial momentum swings can be. I thought we were playing very well. We were doing a lot of positive things but then we lost the puck two times in our zone and things swung their way. You can't afford to give teams momentum.

Tags: Give, Lost, Positive

Whatever the reason is, I hope we can finish talking about the Olympics. It's gone, it's behind us. The schedule wasn't proper for players who went there and there is some fatigue in a lot guys' play right now.

Tags: Hope, Reason, Whatever
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