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Sickly Quotes

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When Gordon Brown becomes prime minister, the balance sheet that reflects his economic stewardship could look very sickly indeed. He could become Labour's biggest liability, not its most marketable asset.

Tags: Balance, Become, Economic  ✍ Author: Vince Cable

I loved every second of Catholic church. I loved the sickly sweet rotting-pomegranate smells of the incense. I loved the overwrought altar, the birdbath of holy water, the votive candles; I loved that there was a poor box, the stations of the cross rendered in stained glass on the windows.

Tags: Loved, Poor, Sweet  ✍ Author: Anne Lamott

Why go for a costly, sickly, mass-produced purebred when shelters are full of one-of-a-kind mixed breeds who are literally dying for a home?

Tags: Dying, Home, Why  ✍ Author: Ingrid Newkirk

If we were living in ancient Rome or Greece, I would be considered sickly and unattractive. The times dictate that thin is better for some strange reason, which I think is foolish.

Tags: Living, Reason, Strange  ✍ Author: Gwyneth Paltrow

I think the associations people have with kindness are often things like meekness and sweetness and maybe sickly sweetness; whereas I do think of kindness as a force, as a power.

Tags: Kindness, Often, Power  ✍ Author: R. A. Salvatore

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