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Simon Helberg's Quotes

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Born: 1980-12-09
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Simon Helberg

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I don't believe I'll be in the new 'Arrested Development' unless they ask me, in which case, okay! That's how easy I am to get.

Tags: Ask, Easy, Unless

I'm married, so I tend not to hit on every girl.

Tags: Girl, Hit, Married

Well, I think that everybody is kind of a nerd at heart.

Tags: Everybody, Heart, Nerd

Actually, when I was young, I believe I met Nicolas Cage. I think I was probably eight, and I remember seeing him at somebody's house - it was an event and he happened to be there. People would ask me if I was his son, because I looked like him at that point, so I do remember feeling some connection and just wanting to say, like, 'Papa!'

Tags: Feeling, Him, Remember

I actually struggled through teaching myself to cook because I'm completely ignorant in the kitchen. So I did really macho things like trying to make my own curry. Really hardcore stuff.

Tags: Actually, Ignorant, Trying

I thought it was going to be a hut in Topanga and Janis Joplin was going to come out, but it's a real doctor... I went to Beverly Hills to meet this midwife; you'd think they'd be in nature.

Tags: Nature, Real, Thought

I walked into the wrong examination room. I'm bad enough at facial recognition... I saw more that day than I cared to. Fortunately, I didn't recognize her from that angle, whoever it was, and I didn't ask. I'm off to a rocky start on the road to fatherhood, but I got a free view.

Tags: Bad, Enough, Free

I wouldn't wear turtlenecks. That I'm not envious of. But who knows? I might sneak out a few things and hope and pray that no one says, 'Hey, didn't you wear that when you were playing an enormous geek on TV?'

Tags: Few, Hope, Playing

We're going to do a natural birth. At first she was like, 'We should do it at home,' and I said, 'Look, either way, when you go into labor, I will be checking into a hospital... so if you want to come along, come along.

Tags: Home, Said, She

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