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Smuggled Quotes

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There are a few Chinese smuggled in over the borders of British Columbia on the north and Mexico on the south.

Tags: British, Few, South  ✍ Author: Roy Keane

I have never smuggled anything in my life. Why, then, do I feel an uneasy sense of guilt on approaching a customs barrier?

Tags: Life, Sense, Why  ✍ Author: John Steinbeck

I smuggled the camera, it was no problem to smuggle the camera there. And I took 60 photos, two films, during the time when there was no one in the control room, in the building.

Tags: Control, Problem, Time  ✍ Author: Mordechai Vanunu

I was deposed in association with a case involving the Golden Venture, a ship which smuggled Chinese aliens into the United States about eight or nine ago.

Tags: Golden, Ship, United  ✍ Author: Max Beerbohm

I can tell you, dearest friend, that if it became known how much friendship, love and a world of human and spiritual references I have smuggled into these three movements, the adherents of programme music - should there be any left - would go mad with joy.

Tags: Friendship, Love, Music  ✍ Author: Alban Berg

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