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Steven Weber's Quotes

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Born: 1961-03-04
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Steven Weber

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The flaw in, say, austerity, is that its success is predicated on the relative exactitude of math rather than the shifting, liquid imperfection of people's lives.

Tags: Lives, Rather, Success

The guard rails on a highway may restrict some folks from driving the way they want, but those rules mostly end up saving the lives of those other drivers who understand that living in a society means behaving in a commonly beneficial way.

Tags: End, May, Society

The irony is that the people we tend to vote for actually look down on voters and voting. That's just idiotic, right? That's like a snake eating its own tail! A wolf in a trap gnawing off its own head to escape!

Tags: Off, Vote, Voting

The spectacle of insensitivity that is the gun lobby and its outspoken, out-of-their-mind apparatchiks, is the apotheosis of what the Republican Party has allowed itself to become.

Tags: Become, Gun, Republican

We fight wars from progressively great heights and distances, the blessings of technology steadily removing the personal human element from what was historically an extremely personal experience.

Tags: Experience, Great, Technology

We have as a nation been duped by those who use our guilt about how we treated the innocent pawns in the Vietnam War game - the soldiers - into missing the point once again about the utter senselessness that is war.

Tags: Again, Game, War

If you have to lie, cheat, steal, obstruct and bully to get your point across, it must not be a point capable of surviving on its own merits.

Tags: Cheat, Lie, Point

A nation is not a budget, no matter how much ideologues want it to be so.

Tags: Budget, Matter, Nation

Everything sells. Like integrity. Like democracy. Like truth. Like deeds.

Tags: Democracy, Integrity, Truth

I tend to be very relaxed on stage, but the nerves have to come out somehow.

Tags: Nerves, Relaxed, Stage

I've been a fan of the Marvel Universe since I was a little child.

Tags: Child, Since, Universe

If only Coca-Cola had had the kind of message to accompany its addictive deliciousness that Fox News has, we'd all be speaking Cokelish today.

Tags: Message, News, Today

It's easy to break things. Much, much easier, it seems, than building them.

Tags: Break, Easy, Seems

Right-wing extremism is all about patience. That is, until it makes its move, and then it is sudden and explosive.

Tags: Makes, Patience, Until

The fact is, presidential politics has become a game of inches.

Tags: Become, Game, Politics

The GOP/corporate right-wing, it seems, never really considers the consequences of their actions.

Tags: Actions, Corporate, Seems

The right-wing just loves making a big entrance.

Tags: Big, Loves, Making

What's hard, it seems, is living up to the expectations Democracy imposes upon those who would participate in society.

Tags: Democracy, Hard, Society

What's hard, it seems, is living up to the words spoken by Jesus Christ, who preached naught but love and mercy and justice and humility.

Tags: Hard, Justice, Love

A culture cannot lie down with dogs and not become utterly infested with fleas. The dogs, in this case, are the mongrel media and the corporate overlords who have grown fat on manufactured controversy and fear mongering.

Tags: Cannot, Fear, Lie

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A product is usually created to improve people's lives; otherwise, why buy it? I'm no genius, but I am an American, and gosh-darnit, I consume, so I know what I'm talking about.

Tags: American, Lives, Why

Anyone who thinks they stand apart from society and defies all which govern its existence has less in common with the lone wolf patriot standing up to dystopic forces of oppression - a myth - and more in common with the disease known as cancer - a harsh reality.

Tags: Less, Reality, Society

Fantasy-based ideologies invariably have neat happy endings where all the bad people and all the bad behavior goes away when the volume is turned up and enough force is applied.

Tags: Bad, Enough, Happy

From the moment America went full-on industrial, it seems like it's been a steady path towards people never having to be physically present in order to satisfy their needs.

Tags: America, Moment, Path

I know it's sappy, but I bet there's a market for civility and niceness out there that, while probably not as titillating as a junkyard scrap between shirtless adversaries, it'd sure be healthier.

Tags: Between, Sure, While

I've rarely gotten a good review in my life, yet, to paraphrase Noel Coward, I am happy to console myself with the bitter palliative of commercial success.

Tags: Good, Life, Success

In the corporate-owned media, men dressed like Ronald Reagan and women dressed like Rita Hayworth disseminate grotesque exaggerations and gossip in authoritative tones.

Tags: Gossip, Men, Women

My experience tells me that any time you hear people laughing on a sitcom, it's the writers who happen to be closest to the microphones - not the audience.

Tags: Experience, Happen, Time

No matter what your political persuasion, you can find a guide that makes it quick, easy and painless to exercise your right to vote. Wanna know what a certain proposition put forth by a cadre of undisclosed billionaires which cuts funding for public education, arts and infrastructure means? Use the voting guide!

Tags: Education, Political, Put

Social media has created a legion of social delinquents, billions of people speaking not their minds but their spleens, venting everything from the gum-cracking snark befitting a hair-twisting mallrat to the froth-flecked rage of a bell tower marksman.

Tags: Media, Minds, Social

The element which is conveniently missing from today's Republican Party is the human one. People's hopes and realities become numbers and words, devoid of personality and easy to erase.

Tags: Human, Today, Words

Great growth in India doesn't mean great growth for India companies. It could mean better growth for companies that are trading with India.

Tags: Great, Growth, Mean

A lot of the state-sponsored growth in India was just too fast. You went from cradle to Nirvana in a short period of time.

Tags: Growth, Short, Time

After all, as a taxpayer, if I'm acting as the insurer against losses, I should have the right to say what risks the insured can take.

Tags: Acting, After, Against

If we continue to print new paychecks at the rate we've been adding them, that mitigates a lot of the damage of higher gasoline prices.

Tags: Continue, Higher, Print

It would be helpful if someone would lay out exactly the economic mechanism that gets us from yet lower interest rates to actual economic activity.

Tags: Economic, Interest, Someone

The rise in equities helped strengthen the economy.

Tags: Economy, Helped, Rise

There's a foot race between gas bills and paychecks.

Tags: Between, Foot, Race

In many cases, the Treasury will get preferred or convertible preferred stock for the money it gives to banks. These shares typically don't have voting rights, possibly to give more of a hands-off appearance to the government.

Tags: Give, Government, Money

It's much easier for a middle class Indian entrepreneur to start up a computer company than it is for an Indian company to build roads and transportation systems suitable for a population that is getting wealthier and demanding more basic services.

Tags: Company, Getting, Start

So much of what happened to India late last year and early into 2011 is the same story we've seen with other big emerging markets, and that is that investors started to realize that the growth trajectory in India would have to get moderated by tightening policy.

Tags: Big, Last, Year

The Greek debt issue, for example, is such a threat because if that country ever defaulted, it might cause some bank that's 'too big to fail' to actually fail.

Tags: Big, Country, Debt

The political ramifications of our festering financial and economic crisis have reached the sidewalks of New York, as well as other large and small cities across the US.

Tags: Crisis, Political, Small