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So rather than face the bitter truth, China has placed severe restrictions on the Internet and enlisted America's high-tech companies as their Internet police.

Tags: America, Rather, Truth  ✍ Author: Tom Lantos

High tech companies that focus on research, development and production will learn that they can be the perfect complement to our world-renowned agriculture heritage.

Tags: Focus, Learn, Perfect  ✍ Author: Alan Autry

I think Wall Street is very important, especially to tech companies. Wall Street will get in their rhythm and go fund tech companies, and tech companies will go create jobs and employ a lot of people, so there's that aspect of Wall Street.

Tags: Create, Jobs, Street  ✍ Author: Daymond John

Several other aerospace and defense firms have announced plans to build facilities in north Mississippi in recent weeks. They join an impressive group of high-tech companies already doing business in our region.

Tags: Business, Group, Impressive  ✍ Author: Roger Wicker

It is clear that a temporary increase in the cap is needed to ensure high-tech companies can hire the specialized personnel they need to continue to help fuel California's economic growth.

Tags: Economic, Growth, Help  ✍ Author: Pete Wilson

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