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Ted Kotcheff's Quotes

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Born: 1931-04-07
Profession: Director
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Ted Kotcheff

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But when I direct I become possessed, a possession I've never quite understood.

Tags: Become, Quite, Understood

Everything about filmmaking tries to distract you from that first fine rapturous vision you have of the film.

Tags: Film, Fine, Vision

I have a bad reputation for being temperamental.

Tags: Bad, Reputation

I have as much artistic freedom in my television work as I have in my films.

Tags: Freedom, Television, Work

I wanted to make Canadian films, and I ended up making American films.

Tags: American, Making, Wanted

I'm not an easygoing guy as a director.

Tags: Director, Easygoing, Guy

My plan was to stay in Canada to make films.

Tags: Films, Plan, Stay

When you meet me, I can be charming and intelligent and reasonable.

Tags: Charming, Meet, Reasonable

When you're actually making the film, you're constantly battling to maintain its integrity.

Tags: Film, Integrity, Making

Sylvester has a great popular sense, as good as any writer I've ever worked with. He knows what audiences want to see, and what they don't want to see.

Tags: Good, Great, Sense

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