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Tempers Quotes

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Old maids, having never bent their temper or their lives to other lives and other tempers, as woman's destiny requires, have for the most part a mania for making everything about them bend to them.

Tags: Destiny, Old, Woman  ✍ Author: Honore de Balzac

Memory tempers prosperity, mitigates adversity, controls youth, and delights old age.

Tags: Adversity, Age, Old  ✍ Author: Christian Lacroix

Remember likewise there are persons who love fewer words, an inoffensive sort of people, and who deserve some regard, though of too still and composed tempers for you.

Tags: Love, Remember, Words  ✍ Author: Joseph Butler

My father is best known for his light comedies, and I'm best known for crazy bad guys with short tempers.

Tags: Bad, Best, Crazy  ✍ Author: Vincent Cassel

If isolation tempers the strong, it is the stumbling-block of the uncertain.

Tags: Isolation, Strong, Uncertain  ✍ Author: Paul Cezanne

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Tempers quote #2
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