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When works of art are presented like rare butterflies on the walls, they're decontextualized. We admire their beauty, and I have nothing against that, per se. But there is more to art than that.

Tags: Against, Art, Beauty  ✍ Author: Hans Haacke

Lived religion is a very different thing from strict textual analysis. Very few people of any faith live their lives as literalist interpretations of scripture.

Tags: Faith, Few, Religion  ✍ Author: Philip Gilbert Hamerton

I began to pick apart our knowledge of Frankenstein and discovered that the public's idea of this myth comes from a million different places... I became committed to recontextualizing it all so it all worked in one story.

Tags: Idea, Knowledge, Story  ✍ Author: Max Landis

I think I don't sing as hard as I used to sing. I used to kind of hit the accelerator a lot back in my youth, but now it's just being able to control it, and not work it so hard and use more of an emotional or sub textual kind of approach to singing.

Tags: Emotional, Hard, Work  ✍ Author: K. D. Lang

There's such an array of brilliant roles for young women. You read all these amazing young women going through different stages in their life - different stages, different fascinations, different textualities, different friendships.

Tags: Amazing, Life, Women  ✍ Author: Juno Temple

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