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But in the first Gulf war the United Kingdom was not under any threat from Iraq, and is still less so in the second one. Then there is no justification for obstructing freedom of information, particularly as nations have a right to know what their soldiers are being used for.

Tags: Freedom, Used, War  ✍ Author: Kate Adie

I don't want to be Prime Minister of England, I want to be Prime Minister of the whole of the United Kingdom.

Tags: England, United, Whole  ✍ Author: David Cameron

It's true: one of the things that I've always thought about American society is that you never get the sort of natural politicisation of class consciousness that you would get in the United Kingdom or even in Australia.

Tags: Society, Thought, True  ✍ Author: Peter Carey

The BBC is part of the glue which binds the United Kingdom together. At those times of national moment - of joy or sadness, in the UK or around the world, at times when the nation wants to celebrate, mourn or just enjoy itself people turn to the BBC.

Tags: Enjoy, Sadness, Together  ✍ Author: Gavyn Davies

The BBC provides the commentary on our lives, the soundtrack of the nation. It is one of the most powerful unifying forces in the United Kingdom today.

Tags: Nation, Powerful, Today  ✍ Author: Gavyn Davies

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United Kingdom quote #2
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