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Vale Quotes

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The negative is the equivalent of the composer's score, and the print the performance.

Tags: Negative, Print, Score  ✍ Author: Ansel Adams

Distinctions drawn by the mind are not necessarily equivalent to distinctions in reality.

Tags: Drawn, Mind, Reality  ✍ Author: Maya Angelou

In truth, politeness is artificial good humor, it covers the natural want of it, and ends by rendering habitual a substitute nearly equivalent to the real virtue.

Tags: Good, Humor, Truth  ✍ Author: Thomas Jefferson

A second characteristic of our time is the prevalence of nationalism. This is still spreading, affecting new communities, more peripheral regions and so-called backward peoples.

Tags: Backward, Second, Time  ✍ Author: Emily Greene Balch

For almost anyone who chooses to be a writer, since so very few writers are able to learn a living from their work that is equivalent to the living earned by the average dentist or accountant.

Tags: Learn, Living, Work  ✍ Author: Russell Banks

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Vale quote #2
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