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Victor Pinchuk's Quotes

Victor Pinchuk profile photo

Born: 1960-12-14
Profession: Businessman
Nation: Ukrainian
Biography of Victor Pinchuk

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Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.

Tags: Art, Change, Politics

Businessmen need to understand the challenges of society and contribute to solving them.

Tags: Challenges, Society, Understand

Contemporary art will help me to modernise our society.

Tags: Art, Help, Society

Financial crisis is the moment of truth for real collectors and true artists.

Tags: Crisis, True, Truth

I am a citizen of the world, and also a citizen of Ukraine.

Tags: Citizen, Ukraine

I conduct business, not dependent of public sentiment, but according to the rules of fair business.

Tags: Business, Fair, Public

I don't want to privatise part of the parliament, like some people in Russia.

Tags: Parliament, Russia

In all the world, rich people are very unpopular.

Tags: Rich, Unpopular

My pipe business I created from scratch; my media assets and bank I bought from the secondary market.

Tags: Business, Market, Media

Politicians love power. I love freedom. That is why I am not a politician.

Tags: Freedom, Love, Power

For me it's very important to turn Kiev into one of the main centers of contemporary art in the world. There is New York. There's London. And there will be Kiev. Everyone will come and say, 'Wow!'

Tags: Art, Everyone, Turn

Olafur Eliasson is also one of the most visionary artists I've ever met. He is from Denmark and Iceland, and his focus is nothing less than the entire universe.

Tags: Focus, Less, Universe

Today in Ukraine, many people struggle to survive, older ones often see the breakdown of the Soviet system as a loss of stability and security for average people, and therefore a certain hostility to quickly acquired wealth is from their point of view quite understandable at the first look.

Tags: Often, Struggle, Today

Ukrainian business must really embrace global competition. We need to understand that competition for resources and clients is not with competitors from across the street or from another city, but with millions of businesses around the world.

Tags: Another, Business, Understand

What is extraordinary about contemporary art is the energy - it has our energy. New energy. Pieces hundreds of years old are beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, but without our modern energy.

Tags: Art, Beautiful, Old
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