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Zappa Quotes

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Frank Zappa... was Beethoven for insane rock guys.

Tags: Guys, Insane, Rock  ✍ Author: Scott Ian

But I mean, again, Zappa's far more musical than the Bonzos ever were.

Tags: Again, Far, Mean  ✍ Author: Neil Innes

People like Frank Zappa were amazing for us Brits.

Tags: Amazing, Brits, Frank  ✍ Author: Rick Wakeman

One of my pet peeves is that sometimes the talents of my band get overlooked because, and it was the same problem that Frank Zappa had, with a lot of groups that use humor, people don't realize there's a lot of craft behind the comedy.

Tags: Humor, Pet, Problem  ✍ Author: Al Yankovic

We are not a Zappa cover band. We only play Frank's songs that were recorded by the Mothers of Invention and I think a lot of those songs were complex.

Tags: Band, Mothers, Songs  ✍ Author: Jimmy Carl Black

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Zappa quote #2
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