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We know that Europe loves President Obama. He had adoring crowds. The press loves Obama. The question is how will this date end? Okay? The question is, to what end? Why do they love President Obama? They love his personal story, they love his wife. North Korea, China and Russia don't really care about Michelle's arms and, you know, whether they gave an iPod to the Queen, okay?

Tags: Care, Love, Wife  ✍ Author: Laura Ingraham

Americans adore me and will go on adoring me until I say something nice about them.

Tags: Adore, Nice, Until  ✍ Author: George Bernard Shaw

At my age the only problem is with remembering names. When I call everyone darling, it has damn all to do with passionately adoring them, but I know I'm safe calling them that. Although, of course, I adore them too.

Tags: Age, Everyone, Problem  ✍ Author: Richard Attenborough

The adoring crowds and overwhelming Democratic support in the 2008 election was based largely on joy at jettisoning Bush and the appeal of electing a superbly qualified charismatic African American leader.

Tags: American, Joy, Leader  ✍ Author: Marion Berry

I grew up surrounded by these tough, ballsy, strong women. They were also adoring women, but they were the kind of women who would argue over what kind of pants you were wearing or the color of your nail polish.

Tags: Strong, Tough, Women  ✍ Author: Michael Kors

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