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Alan Garcia Perez's Quotes

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Born: 1949-05-23
Profession: Statesman
Nation: Peruvian
Biography of Alan Garcia Perez

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We will be sending our own observers in to monitor the electoral process.

Tags: Electoral, Observers, Process

Digital imaging is as much about chemistry as it is about semiconductors.

Tags: Chemistry, Digital, Imaging

There are many applications for which film is going to be better, for a very long time.

Tags: Film, Time

We have more patents on pigmented inks than anybody else.

Tags: Anybody, Else, Patents

The digital business is a fantastic business to be in. The only thing you have to do is build a cost structure for a declining business, which is different from the structure for a growing business.

Tags: Build, Business, Growing

The wireless segment is approximately 50 percent of our business... we believe this is an industry-wide phenomenon and that we are, in fact, maintaining if not gaining market share.

Tags: Business, Fact, Share

Xerox did OK in moving to digital in the commercial space. They didn't do well in the consumer market, but they're not a consumer brand. They don't even know how to spell consumer.

Tags: Market, Moving, Space

A lapse in judgment is not a crime.

Tags: Crime, Judgment, Lapse

At 21 years old, I could produce 400 people like that.

Tags: Old, Produce

My energy level has not changed.

Tags: Changed, Energy, Level

Ninety percent of the people I grew up with didn't succeed.

Tags: Ninety, Percent, Succeed

Pouring concrete on land you don't own is called a calculated risk, if you don't pour you loose millions.

Tags: Land, Millions, Risk

You're either with me or you're not. And if you're not, you're out.

Tags: Either
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Alan Garcia Perez's quote #6