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Alec Baldwin's Quotes

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Born: 1958-04-03
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Alec Baldwin

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I never thought of myself as a wealthy person. I've thought of myself as a person who has had a lot of luck. I don't have the same stress that other people have, but there are too many things I could have done differently if wealth was what I was after. If I was all about money, I would have lived in L.A.

Tags: Done, Money, Stress

I think my exact comment was that if Bush won it would be a good time to leave the United States. I'm not necessarily going to leave the United States.

Tags: Good, Leave, Time

In the theater, you act more of the time. In the movies, you get to act maybe 20 or 30 minutes of the day. I love acting in movies. It's just different.

Tags: Love, Movies, Time

Let's face facts, this is visual medium, there's a very high premium put on people who are good-looking. But the minute you rely on that you get yourself in trouble. You certainly don't make a career out of that anymore as an actor.

Tags: Career, Put, Yourself

You have actors who begin at a certain young age and there's very little change in their technique and the depth of their performances; they're the same 30 years later.

Tags: Age, Change, Young

Remember, sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain't over 'til you both get your cookie.

Tags: Both, Remember, Sex

There's less critical thinking going on in this country on a Main Street level - forget about the media - than ever before. We've never needed people to think more critically than now, and they've taken a big nap.

Tags: Country, Forget, Thinking

Bush wasn't elected, he was selected - selected by five judges up in Washington who voted along party lines.

Tags: Along, Five, Party

Cheney is a terrorist. He terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately.

Tags: Here, Home, Innocent

Down with Dukes of Hazzard!

Tags: Dukes

Everything that Bush touches turns to manure in public policy.

Tags: Policy, Public, Touches

For better or ill, I was very heavily influenced by men I knew who always dressed formally.

Tags: Ill, Knew, Men

Getting older is hard.

Tags: Getting, Hard, Older

I don't need to be married to Georgia O'Keeffe or Lillian Hellman, but I like being with a woman I can look up to.

Tags: Georgia, Married, Woman

I don't think I really have a talent for movie acting.

Tags: Acting, Movie, Talent

I feel I'm two people: I have my interest in acting and I have a lot of other political interests I'd like to pursue.

Tags: Acting, Interest, Political

I wanted to be president of the United States. I really did. The older I get, the less preposterous the idea seems.

Tags: Idea, Older, Wanted

I wish I could play the lead role in one movie, one great movie.

Tags: Great, Movie, Wish

I'd do anything to have more kids. But that's probably not gonna happen now.

Tags: Gonna, Happen, Kids

I'm a pretty loyal person.

Tags: Loyal, Pretty

I'm not an awards-driven person in anything. Anytime you do get caught up in that, you usually end up getting whacked.

Tags: Caught, End, Getting

I'm the kind of person who does not want to be anywhere that I'm not wanted.

Tags: Anywhere, Wanted

Soaps are the best. They really are. If you can do a soap, well, you can do anything. You have to learn pages of dialogue very quickly.

Tags: Best, Dialogue, Learn

Success begets success. I've been offered a lot of movies now that '30 Rock' has been successful.

Tags: Movies, Rock, Success

There are people who would rather choke than go see my movies. They write me letters all the time.

Tags: Movies, Rather, Time

To be in this business and have tremendous integrity and only make distinguished choices is very tough.

Tags: Business, Integrity, Tough
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When I get onstage in a play, I feel very safe, very protected, very fulfilled.

Tags: Fulfilled, Protected, Safe

When I'm not working, I dress like a surfer. I look like I'm going to come into your house and clean your pool.

Tags: Clean, House, Working

A lot of people want to not wear a tie when they go to a restaurant. They feel they don't have to wear a tie. I think it's kind of a statement they're making. I don't know what that statement is. I haven't quite figured that out yet.

Tags: Making, Quite, Wear

Doing these parts is not fun. It's challenging, but no fun. It's creepy. I would rather play the guy that throws the touchdown pass and gets carried off the field.

Tags: Fun, Off, Rather
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