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No amount of ability is of the slightest avail without honor.

Tags: Ability, Honor  ✍ Author: Thomas Carlyle

I feel there must be an enormous amount of really talented songwriters out there who can't sing.

Tags: Sing, Talented  ✍ Author: Roger Daltrey

The least amount of judging we can do, the better off we are.

Tags: Judging, Off  ✍ Author: Michael J. Fox

There's a certain amount of disorder that has to be reorganized.

Tags: Disorder  ✍ Author: Grace Paley

Giving back involves a certain amount of giving up.

Tags: Giving, Involves  ✍ Author: Colin Powell

I had a massive amount of self-belief when I did stand-up.

Tags: Massive  ✍ Author: Johnny Vegas

You need a certain amount of nerve to be a writer.

Tags: Nerve, Writer  ✍ Author: Margaret Atwood

I'm well into sort of Santiago Calatrava and people like that.

Tags: Particular, Point  ✍ Author: John Wilkes Booth

I don't think you can be from the Caribbean and not know a certain amount about the apocalypse.

Tags: Apocalypse, Caribbean  ✍ Author: Junot Diaz

There's always a certain amount of camera improvisation.

Tags: Camera  ✍ Author: Allan Dwan

No amount of thought can ever reveal what comes unexpectedly.

Tags: Reveal, Thought  ✍ Author: Arthur Erickson

I have a healthy amount of humility.

Tags: Healthy, Humility  ✍ Author: Seth Gordon

I believe that everybody comes from pain and a certain amount of dysfunction.

Tags: Everybody, Pain  ✍ Author: Mariel Hemingway

Look, any amount I make, somebody's going to be mad.

Tags: Mad, Somebody  ✍ Author: Benny Hinn

I don't like producing. It's a lot of meetings you sit through that amount to nothing.

Tags: Meetings, Sit  ✍ Author: Matt LeBlanc

I've learned a tremendous amount from Oprah.

Tags: Learned, Tremendous  ✍ Author: Phil McGraw

The entertainment is in the presentation.

Tags: Filmmakers, Fun  ✍ Author: John McTiernan

You can't believe the amount of speculation you get over your private life.

Tags: Life, Private  ✍ Author: Luis Miguel

I know there will be X amount of women being diagnosed. I love to say, You can get through it. You can.

Tags: Love, Women  ✍ Author: Kylie Minogue

If you want to do interesting software, you have to have a bunch of people do it, because the amount of software that one person can do isn't that interesting.

Tags: Bunch, Software  ✍ Author: Nathan Myhrvold

We have vastly increased the amount of funding that is available for conservation partnerships.

Tags: Available, Funding  ✍ Author: Gale Norton

There are some people, by the way, that associate a certain amount of visualization with the performance of music. Those are people that really are not centrally concerned only with music, the traditional things.

Tags: Concerned, Music  ✍ Author: Leo Ornstein
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Revolutions require work, revolutions require sacrifice, revolutions, and our own included, require a certain amount of rationing, a certain amount of calluses, a certain amount of sacrifice.

Tags: Sacrifice, Work  ✍ Author: Lee Harvey Oswald

Every movie soaks into you for a certain amount of time.

Tags: Movie, Time  ✍ Author: Joaquin Phoenix

Whatever I take, I take too much or too little; I do not take the exact amount. The exact amount is no use to me.

Tags: Exact, Whatever  ✍ Author: Antonio Porchia

There's only X amount of time. You can do whatever you want with that time. It's your time.

Tags: Time, Whatever  ✍ Author: Lou Reed

I don't do any amount of stunts.

Tags: Stunts  ✍ Author: Seann William Scott

I was for a minor amount of time but I was probably a better pianist at 15 than I am now.

Tags: Pianist, Time  ✍ Author: Josh Silver

The way positive reinforcement is carried out is more important than the amount.

Tags: Carried, Positive  ✍ Author: B. F. Skinner

The amount of hassle involved in travel can be overwhelming.

Tags: Involved, Travel  ✍ Author: Paul Theroux

As an artist you have to have a certain amount of arrogance.

Tags: Arrogance, Artist  ✍ Author: Kim Weston

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