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Ann Robinson's Quotes

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Born: 1935-05-01
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Ann Robinson

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The results of this survey are shocking and should be a wake-up call to men and women that drinking and smoking too much not only gives you a bad headache in the morning but can affect your ability to start a family.

Tags: Family, Men, Women

And I got to play lead with Gene Barry - a fellow who has never, ever been hard on the eyes!

Tags: Eyes, Hard, Lead

I almost feel like Mars has been taking care of me for all of these years.

Tags: Almost, Care, Taking

I don't mind being a tourist at all, and a gawker. I just walk around.

Tags: Mind, Tourist, Walk

I was always a show-off - as a kid I was never afraid to make a fool of myself, and I guess that's still true.

Tags: Afraid, Fool, True

People are not recognisable, but places have to be recognisable.

Tags: Places

You didn't have to go on location if you could just shoot down City Hall, LA.

Tags: City, La, Location

At that time, people wanted to be frightened. The Thing had come out, The Day the Earth Stood Still had come out, and these were all frightening movies.

Tags: Movies, Time, Wanted

George Pal had total control, and he was there on the set every day. You never met a more charming man in your entire lifetime - what a lovely gentleman.

Tags: Control, Gentleman, Lovely

I think the average citizen is going to see no less than a $1,500 or more increase in what it's going to cost for basic living next year,... Taking sales tax off food isn't going to take care of all of that, but I think it's a way that we can help.

Tags: Care, Food, Help

It's a hard thing to legislate. You can't legislate good taste and you can't put a number on it in terms of square footage,... It's a question of where individual rights end and community rights begin.

Tags: End, Good, Hard

Oddly enough, George Pal always began and ended something with The Bible. All his pictures had a religious undertone. God was always there, protecting us.

Tags: Enough, God, Religious
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