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Bruce Robinson's Quotes

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Born: 1946-05-02
Profession: Director
Nation: English
Biography of Bruce Robinson

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I like situational comedy when people are being completely serious and yet you can find something extremely funny, not jokes.

Tags: Comedy, Funny, Serious

I read 'The Rum Diary,' and I didn't really like it very much.

Tags: Diary, Read, Rum

I think you're a good person or a todd by the age of eight.

Tags: Age, Eight, Good

I'm not a religious person, but I prefer God to money.

Tags: God, Money, Religious

I've always been that contemptible thing, a luxury communist.

Tags: Communist, Luxury

I've always felt that in a comedy script the stage directions should also have a comedic value.

Tags: Comedy, Felt, Value

If you are a junkyard dog, you assume that that's what life is: chained up, barking all day.

Tags: Assume, Dog, Life

Isn't that the definition of a star? Someone who can get a film made?

Tags: Film, Someone, Star

Mostly in movies an actor has to come to a mark, an X, and deliver his line - but that's so artificial, that's not how people really behave.

Tags: Actor, Line, Movies

My early life has given me a great deal to draw on, certainly - but would I have swapped a happy childhood for the writing? Yes.

Tags: Great, Happy, Life

My problem with being an actor was that I was far too shy to actually do it.

Tags: Actually, Far, Problem

Well, I had the most appalling childhood.

Tags: Appalling, Childhood

Bernard Shaw said that when you copy yourself, you know you've got style. And I feel that if you can write like you write, then you are true to yourself. And it's not an easy thing to do - it's a disgustingly difficult thing to do.

Tags: Said, True, Yourself

I wake up most days with a vague feeling of doom - 'Dear God. Here I am again.' Then, when I read about politicians in the newspaper, the vengefulness starts. By mid-morning, the anxiety is kicking in.

Tags: Feeling, God, Here

When I was writing 'Withnail,' I was so busted flat that I had one lightbulb that I would carry around the house with me. I mean, really. No furniture, no money, and I was hoping to be an actor, but I could never get a job.

Tags: Job, Money, Writing
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