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You apply the skills you use to produce your own book to make an anthology. Shaping. Rhythm.

Tags: Book, Rhythm, Skills  ✍ Author: Robyn Davidson

I have got an anthology album out. The American version has got the same mixes but the European version, I remixed them in the studio and added a couple of things that I have always wanted to add.

Tags: American, Couple, Wanted  ✍ Author: John Entwistle

A well chosen anthology is a complete dispensary of medicine for the more common mental disorders, and may be used as much for prevention as cure.

Tags: Common, May, Used  ✍ Author: Robert Graves

Now, to read poetry at all is to have an ideal anthology of one's own, and in that possession to be incapable of content with the anthologies of all the world besides.

Tags: Content, Poetry, Read  ✍ Author: William Ernest Henley

The Psalms, the anthology of the hymns of Israel, are still used by Christians.

Tags: Christians, Israel, Used  ✍ Author: Kenneth Scott Latourette

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