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Antonio Villaraigosa's Quotes

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Born: 1953-01-23
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Antonio Villaraigosa

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I got to grow up with a mother who taught me to believe in me.

Tags: Grow, Mother

Let me be clear - no one is above the law. Not a politician, not a priest, not a criminal, not a police officer. We are all accountable for our actions.

Tags: Actions, Law, Police

My father was predisposed to drunken rages. I would hide under the bed. My sister and I were talking just the other day about the terror a drunken man in a rage can create in a child.

Tags: Child, Father, Sister

You can't just trot out a brown face or a Spanish surname and expect people are going to vote for your party or your candidate.

Tags: Expect, Face, Vote

Again, if I was going to call Romney and the Republicans stupid, I'm certainly not going to call the Democrats and President Obama stupid.

Tags: Again, President, Stupid

Because we believe that you got to build the economy from middle out and not from the top down.

Tags: Build, Economy, Top

I'm not looking for a battle with anybody, neither the council nor our labor partners.

Tags: Anybody, Battle, Looking

I'm not one of the people who have to be in public office.

Tags: Office, Public

So laying people off is not something I do lightly, it's not something I relish.

Tags: Laying, Lightly, Off

We're not a homogeneous party, anymore than the Republicans are. But we are a party that I think has a plan to take us forward.

Tags: Forward, Party, Plan

Actually, as president of the Conference of Mayors, we passed the Simpson-Bowles plan as a template, as a template, as a frame work for moving forward and the president has done the same.

Tags: Forward, Moving, Work

But I will say, I think there are some Democrats that don't want to address pension reform. I have taken on the issue of seniority and tenure. I think we have to address entitlements and the president has done that in his budget. I think we have to extend Medicare and the president has done that. But also reinvest in that program.

Tags: Done, President, Taken

I don't want to describe either Governor Mitt Romney or the Republicans as stupid, but I will say this - if you look at their platform, the 2012 platform, it looks like it's from another century and maybe even two. It looks like the platform of 1812.

Tags: Another, Either, Stupid

In no small part I think all of us kind of look in the mirror and feel good or not feel good about the person we seen in the mirror in no small part because of the jobs we have.

Tags: Good, Mirror, Small

Look, you're not going to get me to say that Democrats don't make mistakes. We do. I mentioned two areas - pension reform and seniority and tenure. I've done both - I've advocated for both. I've advocated for - seek for reform as well.

Tags: Both, Done, Mistakes

The great thing about our system of democracy is when they call you for jury duty, you have to come... It's an honor and a privilege. I was called and I've got to be here.

Tags: Democracy, Great, Here
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