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Banks Quotes

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I have always been afraid of banks.

Tags: Afraid  ✍ Author: Andrew Jackson

Banks are there to support businesses that have justifiable needs.

Tags: Needs, Support  ✍ Author: Vijay Mallya

I would like to thank the Cypriot people for their maturity and collectedness shown in their interactions with the Cypriot Banks.

Tags: Maturity, Thank  ✍ Author: Nicos Anastasiades

In the 1970s we saw a massive shift of household savings from the banks to the brokerage firms.

Tags: Household, Savings  ✍ Author: Victor Cherbuliez

Before 1980, it was basically illegal for U.S. banks to invent new products.

Tags: Illegal, Invent  ✍ Author: Robin Cook

If your only arbiter of anything is money, really you should... go and rob banks.

Tags: Arbiter, Money  ✍ Author: Bruce Dickinson

I rob banks for a living, what do you do?

Tags: Living, Rob  ✍ Author: John Dillinger

You read constantly that banks are lobbying regulators and elected officials as if this is inappropriate. We don't look at it that way.

Tags: Elected, Read  ✍ Author: Jamie Dimon

The S.B.A. does not lend directly to businesses, but instead backs loans to encourage banks to invest in small businesses as part of a nearly $90 billion portfolio.

Tags: Encourage, Small  ✍ Author: Karen Mills

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