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Blu Cantrell's Profile

Brief about Blu Cantrell: By info that we know Blu Cantrell was born at 1976-10-01. And also Blu Cantrell is American Musician.

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Men are more prone to cheating, definitely.

Tags: Cheating, Definitely, Men

I am a role model, definitely and I definitely support women.

Tags: Role, Support, Women

I feel like I'm a very good role model for women.

Tags: Good, Role, Women

I think you can feel the pain I've experienced in my music. It's something that a lot of people can relate to.

Tags: Music, Pain, Relate

There's so much left to achieve, there's so much more to do, there's so much that has not been done.

Tags: Achieve, Done, Left

I am disappointed in the music business, I feel like a lot of people in the music business are phoney, there's a lot of people who will abuse and take my kindness.

Tags: Business, Kindness, Music

I really liked working with Sean Paul; he is a very attractive guy, very hot. He was fun; the chemistry was really great, it was great to be in the moment.

Tags: Fun, Great, Working

The word of the mouth is a very powerful thing and you can say something about someone that is not necessarily true, but people will believe it and it will become a constant reminder and every time that your name is bought up, that will come up.

Tags: Powerful, Time, True

You know, I do not think it is necessarily looks, I do not think I am the prettiest girl... Everyone has something that is their asset, some have the hair, some have the cheekbones, others have the lips. But once you know what is your asset, then you should capitalize on it.

Tags: Everyone, Girl, Others
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