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Cathy Rigby's Profile

Brief about Cathy Rigby: By info that we know Cathy Rigby was born at 1952-12-12. And also Cathy Rigby is American Athlete.

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Acting allows me the freedom to let go, to be in the moment, to be spontaneous. I no longer have the fear of losing, of failure.

Tags: Failure, Fear, Freedom

Actually, performing is a lot like golf. You are alone, so vulnerable.

Tags: Actually, Alone, Golf

An athlete learns how to hold her breath, but that doesn't work in singing. You have to learn to relax.

Tags: Her, Learn, Work

Flying is such a joy. You just want to hoot.

Tags: Flying, Hoot, Joy

I grew up in a sport that didn't allow you to grow up. There was always the threat of younger competition. So you had to maintain the image of youth.

Tags: Grow, Image, Youth

I have three dogs and a cockatoo.

Tags: Dogs, Three

I just like to act.

Tags: Act

I never realized until recently how much my life parallels Peter Pan.

Tags: Life, Realized, Until

I will jump into most any role.

Tags: Jump, Role

I'll talk to kids afterward and somebody will always say, 'I'll leave my bedroom window open for you.

Tags: Kids, Leave, Talk

I've been able to play a kid up to this point and pretend that I'm not a grown-up - well, at least for two hours a night!

Tags: Able, Night, Point

It's really hard to separate fantasy from reality.

Tags: Fantasy, Hard, Reality

It's that athlete's obsessiveness - the need to prove yourself and work harder than anybody else. I think it's what helped me do well in the theater.

Tags: Else, Work, Yourself

Nowadays a gold medal is a $1 million contract. Our athletes are our heroes.

Tags: Gold, Heroes, Million

Our athletes are our heroes.

Tags: Athletes, Heroes

Seeing the show is like a visit to the fountain of youth for parents and the children.

Tags: Children, Parents, Show

When you're on the Olympic team at 15, you don't do anything else. There's no normal social development, and your decisions are made for you.

Tags: Decisions, Else, Team

You see your peers weighing 80 pounds and you think, 'Oh, my God, I've got to be 80 pounds or I'll fail.'

Tags: Fail, God, Oh

I remember secretly going off and crying. All of a sudden I'm being blocked and have to be intimate in a scene, and I'm going, 'I can't even look people in the eye very well. How am I ever going to do this?'

Tags: Eye, Off, Remember

I was always very active as a kid. I would climb on roofs and jump off using my parents' bed sheet, hoping it would open like a parachute. I was always getting hurt, breaking a leg, you know, bruising, cracking my head open.

Tags: Active, Kid
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