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David Alan Grier's Profile

Brief about David Alan Grier: By info that we know David Alan Grier was born at 1955-06-30. And also David Alan Grier is American Comedian.

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My grandmother was born in 1900, and she would regale me with tales I call 'Little House on the Prairie' tales, but they were tales of segregated and racist America growing up in Alabama and Mississippi, where she came from.

Tags: America, Born, She

When I was a kid, I wanted to walk with my dad's limp - my dad was my hero - but that infuriated him, and he would make me walk back and forth in the living room until I walked without it.

Tags: Dad, Hero, Him

America is grappling with cultural diversity, and I just want to put a show on that represents the world in which I live.

Tags: America, Put, Show

As I get older, my sense of humor is my biggest asset.

Tags: Humor, Older, Sense

Don't let anyone try to tell you who you are. Define yourself.

Tags: Tell, Try, Yourself

I try to make my bed every day for mental health. Coming home to an unmade bed or a room with clothes all over will depress me.

Tags: Health, Home, Try

Be talented enough to make it and stupid enough to keep trying.

Tags: Enough, Stupid, Trying

'Dancing With the Stars' is so Middle America, and people take it so seriously.

Tags: America, Seriously, Stars

Every little kid has always wanted to be a race car driver. This gets some of that out.

Tags: Car, Kid, Wanted

I couldn't wait to be, you know, a Black Panther. Of course they wouldn't let me join.

Tags: Black, Join, Wait

I decided sitcoms weren't for me.

Tags: Decided, Sitcoms, Weren

I grew up in a home and in a world in which you can do anything. We were all expected to go to college. My father was a doctor.

Tags: College, Father, Home

I had done the sitcom thing to lesser and lesser degrees of success.

Tags: Degrees, Done, Success

I never wanted to lose out on an acting job and wonder if I hadn't been trained enough.

Tags: Acting, Enough, Job

I started acting at the University of Michigan in my sophomore year.

Tags: Acting, Started, Year

I think Chelsea Handler is the funniest woman.

Tags: Chelsea, Funniest, Woman

I want to see gay couples stuck with their significant other at Home Depot with that far away look in their eye, get me out of here.

Tags: Away, Gay, Home

I wanted something where I could have the clearest and most unfiltered artistic and creative voice.

Tags: Creative, Voice, Wanted

I wanted to be a leading man - the black lawyer, the black doctor, the black policeman.

Tags: Black, Doctor, Wanted

I've tried actively to define myself and redefine myself, and not be pigeonholed.

Tags: Actively, Define, Tried
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