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Deidre Hall's Profile

Brief about Deidre Hall: By info that we know Deidre Hall was born at 1947-10-31. And also Deidre Hall is American Actress.

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I don't work a five-day week as a rule, and I've managed to fill that time up. It hasn't been that hard. I volunteer at school. I'm working because I love it. Yet, I don't not envy women who have a stay-at-home job, because you miss stuff.

Tags: Love, Time, Work

I guess I strike people as very serious, or very intense.

Tags: Guess, Intense, Serious

I have a book! It's called 'How Does She Do It?' and it's 35 years on camera.

Tags: Book, Camera, She

I have such a strong belief in women's ability to sustain each other.

Tags: Belief, Strong, Women

I know it may seem surprising to people, but learning dialog that has a conversational flow to it is not that difficult.

Tags: Difficult, Learning, May

I would have ten children. I think they are the most fascinating, and it's the only thing in the world that hasn't been overrated.

Tags: Children, Overrated, Ten

I've learned survival secrets from being on camera, and then translated them into everyday life.

Tags: Everyday, Learned, Life

There was never a point in my life where I gave up. My marriage, as you know, fell apart.

Tags: Life, Marriage, Point

Come to find out, the Russians were never afraid of the Americans. They weren't raised with the terror that we were by our government. I was struck by how our government misled us for so many years.

Tags: Afraid, Government, Weren

The fact is that daytime television is less valued than nighttime, and it's partly because of the product that we produce. We do a one-hour show in 12 hours. Nighttime produces a one-hour show in seven to nine days.

Tags: Days, Fact, Show

I hate getting bored.

Tags: Bored, Getting, Hate

I wanted to make the violence beautiful in order to heighten our revulsion.

Tags: Beautiful, Violence, Wanted

I was a terrible actor. The analytical part of my mind never quite let go.

Tags: Actor, Mind, Quite

I'd love to do some new plays.

Tags: Love, Plays

It's amazing. I can't believe how brilliant the whole thing is - my daughter, Georgia, is just wonderful.

Tags: Amazing, Whole, Wonderful

Oh, come off it, I've only directed three plays for the RSC.

Tags: Off, Oh, Three

People come to the theatre to be excited and uplifted - I want to inspire my audience.

Tags: Audience, Excited, Theatre

Shakespeare reveals human nature brilliantly: he shines a light on our instinctive desire to dominate each other.

Tags: Human, Light, Nature

We felt that although they were patchy, there was a tremendous political energy in the Henry plays.

Tags: Energy, Felt, Political

We have cut the text, but what remains are Shakespeare's words.

Tags: Cut, Remains, Words
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