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Dimebag Darrell's Profile

Brief about Dimebag Darrell: By info that we know Dimebag Darrell was born at 1966-08-20. And also Dimebag Darrell is American Musician.

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When I tried to play something and screwed up, I'd hear some other note that would come into play. Then I started trying different things to find the beauty in it.

Tags: Beauty, Started, Trying

Musicians tend to get bored playing the same thing over and over, so I think it's natural to experiment.

Tags: Bored, Musicians, Playing

We still get those kind of cats coming out to our shows. Once you're into it, you're into it for a lifetime.

Tags: Cats, Coming, Once

If you improvise a riff and the crowd immediately reacts to it, you know you're on to something.

Tags: Crowd, Improvise, Riff

The worst advice I ever received from my dad was to play by the book.

Tags: Advice, Book, Dad

A lot of bands whine about the road and how tough it is.

Tags: Bands, Road, Tough

Always have a collection of your favorite CDs with you.

Tags: Collection, Favorite

Every song is different.

Tags: Song

I used to skip school and paint my face with Ace Frehley Kiss make-up.

Tags: Kiss, School, Used

I was lucky enough to get to see guys like Bugs Henderson, Jimmy Wallace, all those great Texas blues players.

Tags: Enough, Great, Lucky

I was more influenced by players like Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen than by the guys in southern rock bands.

Tags: Guys, Players, Rock

I would just listen to records and learn what I could, then just roll it over and over and over.

Tags: Learn, Listen, Records

It kills me when I see some metal band trying to pass themselves off as an 'alternative band.'

Tags: Off, Themselves, Trying

Lessons didn't really work out for me, so I went to the old school, listening to records and learning what I wanted to learn.

Tags: Learning, School, Work

Music drives you. It wakes you up, it gets you pumping. And, at the end of the day, the correct tune will chill you down.

Tags: Chill, End, Music

Pantera is the only band I've ever been in, and at the start we used to play covers to make a living.

Tags: Living, Start, Used

Between the record companies being the way they are and the fact that people can just download one song instead of buying a whole album, it's hard to make a good living nowadays.

Tags: Good, Hard, Living

My heroes were Eddie Van Halen - especially after Van Halen I, II, III, and IV - Randy Rhoads, Ace Frehley and dudes like that. My brother played drums and we jammed in the garage and started writing our own stuff.

Tags: After, Brother, Writing

My old man was a musician - that's what he did for a living. And like most fathers, occasionally he'd let me visit where he worked. So I started going to his recording studio, and I really dug it.

Tags: Living, Old, Started

The worst advice I ever received from my dad was to play by the book. My old man used to flip out whenever I would try to branch out and do something different. Although he didn't do it on purpose, he really held me back in the beginning.

Tags: Book, Dad, Try
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