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Dorothy Allison's Profile

Brief about Dorothy Allison: By info that we know Dorothy Allison was born at 1949-04-11. And also Dorothy Allison is American Writer.

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If somebody gave you several thousand dollars and nothin' to do but write, would you be a writer then? Would you tell your stories, your family's stories, then?

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My assumption when I began writing was that you were never going to make any money. And you were never going to reach everyone. Therefore you had to do as much as you could in the service of something you genuinely believed in. And if you do that and people get upset, well, there you go.

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My sisters, we didn't like each other as kids. We were scared of each other, I think, but we've grown to love each other. It was fun to write about these sisters who were supposed to hate each other but really don't.

Tags: Fun, Hate, Love

My son, Wolf, was born when I was past 40 and the author of a best-selling novel. That means he has grown up a middle-class child - one who sometimes asks me for stories of my childhood but knows nothing of what it means to grow up poor and afraid. I have worked to make sure of that.

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The hardest thing to teach young writers is that it's wonderful to tell your truth. And that's what you should do. But it damn well better be beautiful.

Tags: Beautiful, Truth, Young

When I was growing up, I always read horror books, while my sister read romance novels. My sister became unmarried and pregnant during high school, and she kept saying, 'This wasn't supposed to happen! Why is this happening to me?' Someone should have given her another book to read.

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Where story comes from, I don't know. I know that I become obsessed with something. An idea, an image, a person, the way a person talks. And then something starts happening that I can't explain, and it has a lot to do with language.

Tags: Become, Idea, Story

Class, race, sexuality, gender and all other categories by which we categorize and dismiss each other need to be excavated from the inside.

Tags: Class, Inside, Race

Fiction is a piece of truth that turns lies to meaning.

Tags: Lies, Meaning, Truth

Change, when it comes, cracks everything open.

Tags: Change, Cracks, Open

It's fun to tease people about where fiction and life intersect.

Tags: Fiction, Fun, Life

I tell my students you have an absolute right to write about people you know and love. You do. But the kicker is you have a responsibility to make the characters large enough that you will not have sinned against them.

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And while it is true that I got the best woman in the world, I don't think love saves you.

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I can't write what I don't believe in.

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I have a terrible memory.

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I think I would have died if there hadn't been the women's movement.

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I'll tell you the secret. When you begin with a character, you want to begin by creating a villain.

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I'm still very blunt: If you want to be a writer, get a day job. The fact that I have actually been able to make a living at it is astonishing.

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If you write a book that's as powerful and successful as 'Bastard,' there's a strong desire to prove there's something else.

Tags: Powerful, Strong, Successful

It's important to set challenges that you're not sure you're equal to.

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