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Eric Bana's Profile

Brief about Eric Bana: By info that we know Eric Bana was born at 1968-08-09. And also Eric Bana is Australian Actor.

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I race historic muscle cars back in Australia, and that's my hobby. And I try to race home as soon as I've finished a movie but don't tell anyone.

Tags: Home, Tell, Try

I really enjoy working on small films.

Tags: Enjoy, Small, Working

I think I wasted a lot of my youth, falling for girls who were a couple of years older than me.

Tags: Couple, Older, Youth

I wasn't going to be a college kid. The only subject I was interested in was English. I think I had a subconscious interest in analyzing story.

Tags: College, Interested, Story

I would never say never to returning to comedy.

Tags: Comedy, Returning

I'm a bit of a romantic.

Tags: Bit, Romantic

I'm always one time zone behind myself.

Tags: Behind, Time, Zone

I'm always reading and looking around for the next thing.

Tags: Looking, Next, Reading

I'm not into bikinis or other revealing clothing.

Tags: Clothing, Revealing

I'm spending all my time and energy on the project at hand.

Tags: Energy, Hand, Time

I'm very much a bit of a ghost presence.

Tags: Bit, Ghost, Presence

I've always been a bit of a car freak.

Tags: Bit, Car, Freak

I've given no thought to moving to America at all.

Tags: America, Moving, Thought

If you can jump up onstage and make people laugh, shouldn't you also be able to inhabit a character?

Tags: Able, Character, Laugh

It's always been my hope, as an actor, to reveal only what is relevant about myself to the work.

Tags: Actor, Hope, Work

It's always bitterly disappointing to people to see how normally one can live.

Tags: Normally

My wife and I really, really like each other as well as love each other.

Tags: Love, Wife

Over my lifetime, the car had actually transcended the fact that it is a car. It has become a venue.

Tags: Become, Car, Fact

Technically speaking, you can build anything out of sand; it doesn't mean you do it.

Tags: Build, Mean, Speaking

The darker the film, the more vital everyone's sense of humor is on set.

Tags: Everyone, Humor, Sense
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